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We offer fireplace glass used for fireplace doors, as well as for windows in ovens fired by wood or coal. Our glass-processing centre provides an immediate execution of orders, in accordance with individual customer instructions.

For example, in Poland, we execute orders specifying 5-millimeter ceramic glass. 5mm thick panels are highly recommended especially for large windows (70 cm). Customers who require higher mechanical resistance are recommended to select a thicker panel.

  • We offer ceramic sheets with a thickness of 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm.
  • Professionally cut glass to required length - in accordance with the wishes of the client.
  • We offer fireplace flat glass, bent in a curve, angled, or trapezoidal shapes.

If the glass in your fireplace, open hearth or other device using heat-resistant glass, was damaged or destroyed then MyGlass (the centre of the glass) will quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

Orders are executed immediately throughout the country - welcome!

Robax - fireplace glass cut to size:

  • Special heatproof fireplace glass
  • Suitable for any fireplace
  • Special feature - high temperature resistance

Available options:

  • Traditional fireplace glass Robax
  • Self-cleaning fireplace glass Robax IR
  • Mirror fireplace glass - Mirror Images Robax

What is fireplace glass?

Windows for the fireplace are actually a special kind of transparent ceramics. Normally glass after quenching is suitable for use in areas where the temperature does not exceed 260 degrees Celsius, while the ceramic glass, commonly called fireplace glass, can withstand a constant temperature of 800 degrees Celsius. With its high heat resistance the glass can be used in fireplace doors and windows in ovens fired by wood or coal.